.416 Barrett Projectiles Solid Brass Multi Band
​Match Grade 416 Grain

CNC machined for consistant diminsions and weight.
Extremely accurate!

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See the web store or email me for more info or to purchase. 

$140 per 100

New product! 
408 Cheytac Solid Brass Bullets!
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50 BMG Ammunition and Components

Winchester Brass

WCC New production '06 and '08
primed and sealed

$1.95 each​

The newest bullet in our line is the


The Thunder Ammo Single Shot is a Match grade 809 grain solid brass bullet designed for long range accuracy. I shot a 4.125" five shot group at 1000 yards with it. Now available in or online store.

690 grain South African Ball Bullets

Sorted by weight and cleaned.
In bulk, these bullets range from below 640gr to over 700gr.
That spread will kill your accuracy so we batch them in groups of +/- one grain.
You don't have to buy hundreds to get a few that match.

$.95 each
Email for availability​

Match82 Monolithic Solid Brass 746gr Bullet

This bullet was designed with the Barrett M82a1 in mind.​

We wanted a match grade projectile that would fit in the magazine and perform well out of the semi auto. We did it!​

This bullet also works well in any magazine fed rifle such as the Barrett M95, the McMillan TAC-50, the EDM Windrunner...​

We have shot many sub moa groups at 1000 yards with this projectile!​

$1.80 each​