710 and 746 grain match grade monolithic solid brass bullets. CNC lathe cut to perfection. Loaded with care in new Winchester  brass using Hodgdons  US869 or H50BMG powder weighed to the tenth of a grain.  Designed for semi-autos and magazine fed repeaters. Try some in your Barrett M82 M107 M95, McMillan Tac-50, EDM Windrunner...you will be glad you did. 

710/746 grain Match Solids


Pictured left is the Match82 746gr prototype about to put a smile on my face at the range. I love my job!

I also offer custom loaded rounds for single shot rifles using your choice of solid brass bullets such as Lehigh, Barnes, Hornady and my 809gr TASS. 

Custom Solids


.223 Rem built with new Winchester brass and Hornady 55gr V-MAX bullets. I use Ramshot TAC powder. I will not use surplus powders to increase the profit at the expense of lower quality ammunition. No pulled bullets are used either. Lots of test firing goes on with a variety of firearms to assure the function of my product is flawless. Get some from my online store or email me with any questions. Randy

50 BMG Ammunition and Components


647 or 690 grain ball bullets sorted to +/- 1 grain. Loaded  with care in factory new Winchester brass. The primers and necks are sealed. The Hodgdon powder is weighed to the tenth of a grain! Each round is loaded by hand to produce some of the most accurate ball 50 caliber ammunition available. My Wife calls it, "Match Ball".

647/690 gr new brass



647 or 690 grain Ball Bullets sorted to +/- 1 grain. Remanufactured using late model Lake City once fired brass. Carefully processed and loaded with Hodgdon powder and CCI primers. Email to special order.

647 or 690 gr reloads