Mason and I shot at the World Championships June 30th-July 2nd 2012, back at the Whittington Center. Mason won Junior World Champion and I won Heavy Class Group World Champion. We where both shooting the McMillan HBR single shot rifle with my 770 grain solid brass multiband bullet. Mason had an average of 11.302" and scored 286 of 300 with 5 Xs. I averaged 7.458", that is six, five shot groups at 1000 yards. I also won Third in Hunter with the new Armalite AR50 National Match rifle with a 15.240" average. This year I was the Match Director and found that good help is easy to find. We shot the 600 yard practical match and semi-auto Sat June 30th. This year Barrett Sponsored the 600 yard events and donated 600 rounds of ball ammo for us to shoot. Thanks to Barrett for their support! 

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Randy Powell

We now offer Match Grade Solid Brass 746 grain bullets designed for the Barrett M82 and M107. These bullets also work great in your mag fed bolt action repeaters like Barrett M95, McMillam Tac-50, EDM Windrunner... Loaded in new Wincester brass with Hodgdon powder. An extremely accurate round that will fit in your magazine!  

We also offer match grade ammunition for your single shot rifle. Loaded with Barnes LRS, Rocky Mountian 750 gr, Hornady A-MAX, our 809gr TASS, and the new 770gr multi-band solid, loaded in new Winchester or CBC brass with Hodgdon powder weighed to the tenth of a grain. A very accurate round for your Viper, AR-50, HS50, M99, Ferret50, McMillan...

I love to shoot My 50 cals, and test fire every chance I get. If you have a need for custom loading contact me and we will work on it.

​​Thunder Ammo is now offering high quality Hunting Ammunition. 223 Rem 50gr or 55gr V-MAX, 308 Win SPBT, 416 Barrett HP, and 50 BMG HP. Check out our Online Store and watch for new developments.

We are excited to add the awsome 338 Lapua Magnum to our line. We offer 20 and 100 lots of quality hand loaded ammunition.  We use a solid brass 230gr multi band boat tail bullet in Hornady brass with Hodgdon powder and at 3000+ fps it delivers 4500 lbs of energy at the muzzle. We also sell bags of 100 230gr MBBT bullets for you hand loaders. The BC of this bullet is .641.  We will soon be offering a 338 Lapua Magnum Hollow Point.

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Randy Powell

Join the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association
600 and 1000 Yard Events
Across the Country​

My family and I made it back to the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM for the Spring Regional FCSA 1000 yard Match. As usual there was good food, good people, and lots of shooting.

My Son Mason shot our new McMillan Heavy Bench Rest rifle and won 2nd in score and 3rd in group in Unlimited Class shooting with the adults. His best five shot groups where 6.38" and 7.50" with my 770 grain multiband bullet.

I won First Place in the Semi-Auto 1000 yard class shooting my 770 grain bullet in the Barrett M82a1. Sat I shot a 44, 46, and a 44 out of 50 with an 18", 18 3/4 , and 20" group. The wind was challenging with 20-40 mph and gust over 50 mph!

50 BMG Ammunition and Components

At the 2013 World Championships Mason was shooting as an Adult for the first time and won Rookie of the Year! There where 20 shooters who qualified (had not shot at a Worlds Match prior) for the Rookie Award. He av 11.281" and scored 287-8x! His best group was 4.50"! Mason won a McMillan 50BMG action, the last in a long history of McMillan sponsoring the Rookie program. Thanks to McMillan for decades of support! Mason was also awarded a Barrett M99 donated by Fred Feddersen, of Feddersen barrels, and Barrett Firearms. Thank you Fred and Ronnie for your generosity! 

My 15 year old Son Andrew was competing for the first time and won Junior World Champion, following in his big brothers footsteps. Andrew won a Sightron SIII scope, thanks Sightron for supporting our Jr program. Andrew av 10.094" and scored a 293-8x!! Andrews best group was 5.375", yes that was five shots at 1000 yards.

We just returned from the Raton FCSA Fall Regionals where Andrew topped his debut by shooting a six target av of 8.490" with his best five shot group at 3.625"!

Andrew and Mason where both shooting my McMillan HBR rifle that McMillan built for me a couple of years ago.

Almost forgot, I won the 1000 yard Semi-auto 1000 regional match again this Fall, with of course my Barrett M82a1. My best five shot group was 11.50" with my 'Match82' ammo.

Take Care, Randy

We added some new Hunting ammo to the store!
.223 VMAX     .308 BTSP     50 BMG BTHP
Also offering a 416 grain solid brass Match Grade 
.416 Barrett bullet.
​We are excited about this one, very accurate loaded at 3250 fps and easy on recoil.
New Product!
.416 Barrett Hollow Point!

Have you seen the new McMillan LBR? A Single Shot 50 BMG, offered as a production ready to compete out of the box rifle!
​We are very impressed with it's performance. Thanks to the good folks at McMillan for the chance to try one out.
Check them out at:
 Take Care and Shoot Safe, Randy

  •  The ball bullets are weighed and sorted to +/- 1 grain.
  • We use only fresh Hodgdon powder in our 50 BMG loads, no surplus powder.
  • Each powder charge is weighed to one-tenth of a grain.
  • Every round is inserted into a chamber gauge during final inspection.
  • These extra steps assure above average accuracy round after round.

Thunder Ammo & Arms is a Federally Licensed manufacturer of quality ammunition for the 50 BMG Rifle. Thunder Ammo is family owned and operated. We are located in Osage County, Oklahoma. We take pride in our product and hand load each round with care and attention. Check out our online ammo sales and ammunition prices in the online store. Thunder Ammo & Arms, Ammunition.

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I also have a few 50BMG rifles for sale on gunbroker.

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